A userspace Process Classifier based on SELinux Security_context(PCSS)

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Summary on Sourceforge
How PCSS works with CPUSET ?
How PCSS works with ELSA ?
How to use PCSS in CPUSET ?
How to use PCSS in ELSA ?
Why SElinux used for process classification ?


SVN Repository
Download pcss-elsa.patch

Links for SElinux :

- National Secuirty Agency - Security Enhanced Linux
- Security enhanced linux from wikipedia
- F. Mayer, K. MacMillan, and D. Caplan
  SELinux by Example: Using Security En-hanced Linux. Prentice Hall.
- R. Spencer, S. Smalley, P. Losocco, M. Hibler, D. Andersen, and J. Lepreau,
  “The flask security architecture: System support for diverse security policies,” no.
  UUCS-98-014, 1998. [Online]. Available: citeseer.ist.psu.edu/spencer98flask.html

Links for CPUSET :

- http://www.bullopensource.org/cpuset/

Links for ELSA :
- http://elsa.sourceforge.ne
- http://lwn.net/Articles/81690/

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